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With Chris McGovern's many years of expertise, i2i offer a unique consultancy service for businesses and organisations.

At i2i, we can help your business to equip your managers and employees with the very best advice and practical tips on managing their mental health within the workplace and at home.

We work with you to understand your company's core values, your HR strategy and your objectives to create a bespoke programme to deliver to your teams, to ensure the well-being of your employees.


"Saint-Gobain’s Building Distribution Supply Chain have worked with Chris McGovern and the team at i2i in raising mental health awareness within our leadership team to help support colleagues who suffer with mental health issues. 

The presentations and workshops that Chris and the team delivered were extremely informative and very well received by our colleagues.  His expertise and empathetic approach to such a difficult subject has helped to encourage dialogue about what is often a silent problem. This has gone a long way to removing the stigma that is so often attached to mental health issues. 


We are looking forward to continuing to work with Chris and i2i to deliver additional initiatives across Supply Chain to support our leaders and colleagues in further encouraging open dialogue about mental health.


We also believe that with Chris’ support and expertise, these additional initiatives will help any of our colleagues who suffer from its debilitating effects and encourage them to believe it is ‘OK not to be OK’."

Andrea Willson-Hall

HR Manager – Supply Chain

To discuss your requirements, call 07761 650873 or email

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